Annus Mirabilis Real Madrid: 4 degree, 51 Victory, 178 Goal

Annus Mirabilis Real Madrid: 4 degree, 51 Victory, 178 Goal

Annus Mirabilis Real Madrid: 4 degree, 51 Victory, 178 Goal

Jakarta Real Madrid closes 2014 with a status as the best club in the world and the total claimed four championship trophy. For Real Madrid, 2014 to an Annus Mirabilis: full year of wonders, the year is full of charm.

Madrid won his fourth title after beating San Lorenzo in the final of the Club World Cup. Trophy at the event made The White’ total collected four trophies, after they become champions in the Copa del Rey, Champions League and UEFA Super Cup. One who separated from the pursuit of Iker Casillas et al are La Liga Primera

Great achievements Madrid in 2014 is not just the number of degrees obtained. After waiting more than 10 years of Real Madrid could finally realize La Decima. 10th title in the Champions League was obtained by style: beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the final match.

Over the great achievements protégé Carlo Ancelotti won the Spanish sports daily Marca, calling Madrid Annus Mirabilis underwent in 2014‘s.

Annus Mirabilis is a Latin word which means ‘exceptional year’. This term refers to the period in which there are considered to have great influence on human life (eg 1666 where Isaac Newton shook the world with some of the findings in the fields of science, also in 1905 when Albert Einstein came up with his theory of relativity).

Back to Madrid, they did undergo a remarkable year in 2014. Throughout beautiful this calendar year they competed 63 times in all competitions with the results of 51 wins, five draws and seven defeats. In that period El Real players make 176 goals (an average of 2.7 goals per game) and only conceded 39 times (an average of one goal every two games).

With statistics like that Madrid beat the record for most number of wins in a calendar year in Spain. The previous record held Barcelona in 2012 recorded 49 victories and made 175 goals.