Backup Courtois, Mourinho Reveals Reason Lower Cech

Backup Courtois, Mourinho Reveals Reason Lower Cech

Backup Courtois, Mourinho Reveals Reason Lower Cech

London – Petr Cech eventually be a starter again as Chelsea beat Everton 1-0. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed the reason marginalize team goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

Cech returned to the underside of the crossbar of the Blues since the 2-4 defeat of Bradford City in the FA Cup at the end of January. After that, the Czech Republic’s goalkeeper give place to Courtois who played in three games later.

“Courtois played in three consecutive games. Against Liverpool, Manchester City and Aston Villa, games in which he had to be very focused,” explained Mourinho was quoted the official club website.

“Every detail is important, even when he did not touch the ball. The focus should be permanent and I think a goalie can be really tired. Fatigue is not just come in physical player but also come from your nervous system.”

“Petr so far has worked very well and very hard. In each session, I felt amazing condition. Tonight he was the best option, also in terms of leadership. John Terry was sick this morning so I think I need a personality and capacity Cech to communicate in the back. The decision that ends well, “he added.

Against Everton, Cech made two saves to thwart hard shot Romelu Lukaku in the first round. Rescue again performed Cech in the second half, also thwart Lukaku flick from close range.

At the end of the match Chelsea came out as the winner by a single goal Willian in the final minutes. Mourinho did not hesitate to praise given to the goalkeeper.

“He touched the ball twice, but in the first half he made a good rescue and in the second round he did a super rescue. That’s what we need, we already have with Courtois now with Cech,” said Mou.

“It is important for a goalkeeper to make a difference.”