After Barcelona, Madrid Can Moyes put down?

After Barcelona, Madrid Can Moyes put down?

After Barcelona, Madrid Can Moyes put down?

Madrid – The best results were obtained David Moyes after he coached Real Sociedad is the 1-0 victory over Barcelona. At the end of this week he will try to surprise Real Madrid during a visit to the Santiago Bernabeu.

There are four wins from 13 matches obtained Moyes together Sociedad since he coached the club on 10 November 2014 ago. Obtained from four wins, achieved a 1-0 lead at home to Barcelona became the best achievements of 51-year-old coach.

Despite the drop, Sociedad have a good record when dealing with a large team. In addition to a 1-0 win over Barca they also successfully beat Atletico Madrid 2-1 at Anoeta – even though it happened just a day before the official Moyes served coach.

At the end of this week will deal with Madrid Sociedad. It will be the first visit to the Bernabeu Moyes. Moyes admitted desperate to play in the stadium when gush Everton and Manchester United. Although never accomplished, he had the determination to perform all-out if the opportunity came.

“Never before have I come to the Bernabeu because I just wanted to come there with the team. It was always in my mindset, if I want to coach the team (when it comes) to it and do not just watch the game,” said Moyes.

“Back to the periods in which Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho was involved in a great game and people asked me ‘Come on, come out to watch the game’, but I’ll find a reason not to go. I hope I bring Everton or Manchester United there in quarterfinals of the Champions League but it was not so. but I’ll do it in a different way in this weekend. I am still committed to myself, “he continued in the Daily Mail.

Aiming for victory at home to Madrid is extraordinarily difficult target for Sociedad. In addition to Real Madrid who have statistics okay at home, instead Sociedad has not even win in the game away in the last seven months.

Conditions did not make Moyes doubt that he could make another surprise when confronted with Madrid.

“Beating Barcelona, I hope it becomes a message. It was a message that said: ‘This is what could he (Moyes) do, this is the work of David Moyes and he did it with a club that is not expected to do that.”

“Perhaps for that reason, I get a job at Manchester United, because I won a lot of games at Everton that was not expected. It was not done with a lot of money but through an extended time while trying to develop the club,” he finished in the Daily Mail.