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Coutinho Eligible So Called Player of the Season

Coutinho Eligible So Called Player of the Season

Coutinho Eligible So Called Player of the Season

Liverpool – Performance Philippe Coutinho later made Brendan Rodgers praised him to the skies. According to him, Coutinho eligible to be a candidate of the best players this season.

Coutinho appear extraordinary when Liverpool needed a victory in an important game. One goal of the goal to succeed him lesakkan Southampton, when Liverpool won 2-0, and he also created a goal against Manchester City, when Liverpool won 2-1.

Remarkably, the second goal was created by slick: Through kick from outside the penalty box. Not only that, his goal against City also became the winner of the Reds.

“He definitely deserves to be up there (being one of the best players this season, red), that’s for sure. He’s been playing very well,” Rodgers said on Sky Sports.

Rodgers said that Coutinho is key to Liverpool’s recent revival. If at the beginning of the season Liverpool difficult to penetrate, now they can easily do so with Coutinho.

“I think, at the beginning of the season we difficulties due to lack of penetration in the front lines. He is then fix it. Usually, the one who gives the last pass to the players who ran for a score,” said Rodgers.

“We do not have it in the first few months of the season. We had the ball for too long and it was not effective. But, now we are so dynamic, with the pressing and movement without the ball well too.”

“The style of play that gives a chance on him and his technique to shine. Now, he has started scoring, fantastic goals.”

“Most importantly, he contributed to the team and still could develop remember he was very young,” said Rodgers.