Dortmund and Soap Opera

Dortmund and Soap Opera

Dortmund and Soap Opera

Agen Tangkas Through its website, Spiegel wrote a harsh sentence against Borussia Dortmund. Germany‘s leading media mentions, Dortmund play like a team that will be degraded.

At other times, Sporting Director of Dortmund, Michael Zorc, said that the trip to Dortmund in recent weeks as Lindenstrasse. What is Zorc with Lindenstrasse is a soap opera that in Germany there is one well-known in the television show.

Like a melodramatic soap opera, and sometimes complicated, Dortmund faced with a similar situation. Of the last 13 games, the team made by Juergen Klopp is already lost 8 times, enough to make them immersed in the bottom of the standings.

It’s like a Lindenstrasse that aired every week. We are now fighting to avoid relegation. In recent weeks, we had looked at the distance with the top teams, but it‘s over now,” said Zorc in ESPNFC.

Some people may be running out of words and confused myself looking for what is wrong with Dortmund. There are a lot of factors. Spiegel said, in the game against Eintracht Frankfurt last weekend where the Beloved to Her Lover Dortmund lost 0-2–, Dortmund too much to lose the ball when being attacked.

Significantly, the momentum is there to build an attack is lacking. Momentum was then switched on Eintracht who used it well over two deadly counterattack. Dortmund, which is usually very good in the fast counter-attack, it was hit twice by Eintracht through the same way.

Gegenpressing strategy (counter pressing) Klopp no longer work properly. In practice, Gegenpressing only works when the whole team moves as a singleentity immediately when they lose the ball and do the pressing. However, it is not the case in both goals Eintracht.