Face to Bolton, ‘The Red’ Forget Chelsea past

Face to Bolton, The Red’ Forget Chelsea past

Face to Bolton, 'The Red' Forget Chelsea past

Liverpool Liverpool still have to come to Chelsea in his bid for the English League Cup final. But this weekend, they temporarily forget the Blues because it was anticipated Bolton Wanderers.

Liverpool has just held 1-1 by Chelsea in the League Cup semi-final first leg at Anfield on Wednesday (01/21/2015) pm dawn. Wednesday (28/1) next week, turn Merseyside children who will travel to Stamford Bridge for the determination of live action.

Staring at the second leg of this, ‘The Redquite optimistic going to achieve results and the final step. Armed with a dominant performance at Anfield, Brendan Rodgers believes foster children will get the chance to conquer the host.

But before that, they will shift the focus to another tournament the FA Cup. Sunday (25/1) early morning hrs later, they will host Bolton in the fifth round. Shall be achieved for the sake of victory on his way to the final of the competition.

Depend on us to stay focused during the next few days and face Bolton match. The match was the most important right now,” said Sterling told the official club website.

Hopefully we can get a result there and then think about the game Tuesday in time. We just need to show our normal game and everything else will follow,” the 20-year midfielder.