Future Zouma Not as Midfielder

Future Zouma Not as Midfielder

Future Zouma Not as Midfielder

London – Kurt Zouma look okay in the English League Cup final when played as a defensive midfielder. But that does not mean Zouma will continue to play in that position because the best place for her stay in the back line.

The absence of defensive midfielder who usually played in a 4-2-3-1 formation penchant Jose Mourinho, make Zouma finally fill that position. Nemanja Matic undergoing temporary suspension injured John Obi Mikel.

Main in a relatively new position for him, Zouma not surprised and even look good together as a counterweight Cesc Fabregas Chelsea midfield. Whoscored recorded for 90 minutes of play, Zouma make a tackle, two intercept, and clearance in the last four.

When attacking Zouma make 22 passing, six times with four long pass to reach his colleagues. In addition, the French defender was also made one assist.

Naturally, if then when Zouma perform well in the defensive midfield position, there is a possibility of ex-players St-Ettiene it will continue to be played in that position in the future.

However Mourinho hastily dismissed the possibility that because Zouma aslina is defender and still will play as a central defender.

“He’s not a midfielder. He was not going to be a midfielder. It is very clear. It is not the future,” Mourinho said on ESPN.

“But the team will be better when you know the quality of each player, when you know there are players who can see more details about each player, and if Zouma can not do that in the game, then we’ll get in trouble,” he continued.

“We can not play Matic and (John Obi) Mikel in the final where it is important to keep the balance of the team. We need players who can do the job. We try to look for it during the week and we were assured him.”

“It’s important to know that he is very confident to play that role.”

“He does look good, but in the future he will not play again in that position at Chelsea,” said Mourinho.