Gerrard Will Hunting Titel with the Galaxy

Gerrard Will Hunting Titel with the Galaxy

Gerrard Will Hunting Titel with the Galaxy

Liverpool Steven Gerrard moved to the Los Angeles Galaxy is not just for fun at the end of his career. Gerrard is determined to win the title with the club the United States.

After strengthening Liverpool since he was 8 years old, Gerrard will leave next summer. He rejected a contract extension with the Reds and chose to go from Anfield when his contract runs out.

Galaxy will be the next port for Gerrard. Both parties have agreed to collaborate for 18 months.

Gerrard getting a lot of offers from all over the world before finally choosing the Galaxy. What lies behind the choice?

They were very aggressive pursuit of me,” said Gerrard on the official website of the Galaxy.

All the talk with them went very positive. They say what I want to hear, tell me about the mentality of a champion in their club, about their targets and targets in the future,” he added.

It is basically suitable for me, at this stage in my career. They want success and that’s what I want to close my career. They were seen as a champion for me and that’s how I see myself,” said the 34-year midfielder.

Although he is not young anymore, Gerrard is determined to make a significant contribution after he officially moved to the Galaxy and help the club champion.

I’m not going to go there for a vacation or a fun myself. I went there to be a champion,” said Gerrard.

Football is my life and will continue to do so for several more years,” he continued.

I can guarantee that I will go there and work hard. I will sacrifice and strive to perform consistently,” he said.