Hope Shaw Fit Fight Arsenal

Hope Shaw Fit Fight Arsenal

Hope Shaw Fit Fight Arsenal

Judi Online Manchester United defender, Luke Shaw, have a problem when playing for England in the match against Scotland. Already awaited Arsenal in the Premier League this weekend, Shaw was hoping to be fully fit.

Shaw down in the first minute when England face Scotland in a friendly at Celtic Park on Wednesday (11/19/2014) pm dawn. But the 19-year-old did not play a full 90 minutes.

In the 66th minute, Shaw dtarik out and replaced by Kieran Gibbs. Ex penggawa Southampton was replaced due to his hamstring injury recurred.

“I had a few collisions in the game and my left hamstring, which is problematic in the beginning of the season, I can feel it a little bit,” said Shaw told Sky Sports.

We discussed at half time about whether to pull me out, but it was a match that did not want to miss so I played another 15 minutes and then Roy (Hodgson) decided to menggantiku.”

This weekend, Manchester United will visit to the headquarters of Arsenal in the Premier League continued on Sunday (11/23/2014) pm dawn. For the game, Shaw hopes fully fit and able to perform at the Emirates Stadium.

We just have to wait, but I hope I’m fit,” he said.