Hundreds of Trillions of the World’s Premier League Broadcasting Rights

Hundreds of Trillions of the World’s Premier League Broadcasting Rights

Hundreds of Trillions of the World's Premier League Broadcasting Rights

Jakarta – The rise in the value of the Premier League broadcasting rights for the United Kingdom region is almost certainly also applies globally. Do not be surprised if you watch the English Premier League on television will be more expensive.

Premier League has managed to sell special siarnya rights in the United Kingdom (UK) to the Sky and BT Sport. Its value is a new record, which is 5.136 billion pounds – almost Rp 100 trillion, which is valid for three seasons from 2016/2017 season.

Remarkably, the figure was up 71% from the previous contract (2013-2016), which is also held by the two groups of the giant company. Sky and BT beat two other auction enthusiasts, namely Eurosport (owned by Discovery) and beIN Sports.

In addition to the live broadcast packet, the league also sells its highlights package to the BBC for 204 million pounds (US $ 4 billion). That does not include mobile and other digital package that also would be worth “well”.

How much more money from international broadcasters will be dredged by the Premier League?

Reported by AP, international broadcasting competition is also predicted to increase the sale value of the Premier League. Media analyst Claire Enders called, figures gains can reach 30 percent.

Previously, international broadcasting rights deal Premier League produce 2.5 billion pounds – of a total of 5.5 billion pounds. If the increase can be 30%, then the value of the latest Premier League broadcasting rights will reach 3.25 billion pounds.

If so, then from season 2016/2017 to 2018/2019, the Premier League broadcasting rights of the total value could touch the figure of 13 billion pounds – about Rp 255 trillion (exchange rate of 1 pound = Rp 19 thousand).

Premier League broadcast by hundreds of television stations to more than 200 countries worldwide. Some of the channels which broadcast the competition in various regions of the world such as IRIB TV3, bein Sport, Supersport, Canal +, Eritrea TV 2, Fox Sports, ESPN Star Sports, and DirecTV.