Hurricane Injuries Will Only Make Sturridge Stronger

Hurricane Injuries Will Only Make Sturridge Stronger

Hurricane Injuries Will Only Make Sturridge Stronger

Judi Bola Online Daniel Sturridge know that the storm that hit the injury has made limited appearances this season. But Sturridge promised to perform better after his return from injury.

Sturridge played only three times this season and the last time he was in uniform Liverpool last August, when his team‘s 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. While his last appearance on the field is currently performing 89 minutes with England in a friendly counter Norway early September.

After that Sturridge more languishing in the treatment room for a series of injuries he suffered, including recent thigh injury which makes her comeback was again delayed and could only play earlier this year.

Sturridge loss was also the effect is not good for The Red’, which appeared sluggish in various competitions. Already last four games in all competitions passed Liverpool defeat.

Obviously, it is expected the presence Sturridge Liverpool, given their front line are barren even still has three other strikers.

Know that the team is so needed, Sturridge also promised to return as soon as possible. Even a player 25 years it will be okay confident performance than before.

What I have been through this already makes me more mature both as an athlete and a man. Everyone must have passed through a variety of things in his life, which can make them better both or just the opposite. For me this is just a hurdle that must be me passed. Exams should I handle. I’ll be back as soon as possible, become stronger and ready to play again. Thank you for your support, said Sturridge through his instagram account as quoted by Soccernet.