James Wilson Assessed Have Prospects Print 20 Goals Annuals for MU

James Wilson Assessed Have Prospects Print 20 Goals Annuals for MU

James Wilson Assessed Have Prospects Print 20 Goals Annuals for MU

Manchester – recently Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal had complained of a sharp striker in the squad. Problem is, the figure of James Wilson believed to have enough talent to be an answer.

MU has so far had a record 50 goals in the Premier League, four positions prolific team. They only lost to Manchester City (59 goals), Chelsea (58), and Arsenal (56).

One of the things that makes MU lag of three teams in terms of productivity is the lack of contribution to the goal of the attackers. They are the top scorer Wayne Rooney has scored 11 goals.

While Chelsea had Diego Costa with 18 goals, the City had Sergio Aguero who had 17, while Arsenal relying on Alexis Sanchez, who until now has 13 goals gol.Bahkan sum of the two best strikers MU also lags behind the three rivals.

Rooney and Robin van Persie recently contributed 21 goals. Look duet Costa-Eden Hazard who has recorded 28 goals, the City has Aguero-David Silva with a notch 27 goals, and Arsenal had Sanchez-Olivier Giroud scored 24 goals total.

Related to this, Van Gaal had previously admitted attacker sharp enough to score 20 goals a season. Besides Rooney, Manchester United trouble for Van Persie injury plagued, while Radamel Falcao so far have not found a new sharpness and scored four goals from 18 matches.

Seeing this, the former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham has a view. He considered the figure of the young striker, James Wilson, has the potential to be the answer the needs of the team and Van Gaal. He sure if given the chance, a player 19 years it could be an option.

“I really liked James Wilson. Unfortunately there is Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie is in front of him,” said Sheringham reported by Soccerway.

“Louis van Gaal has recently said that he did not have a striker who can score 20 goals a season. But I think if we put Wilson in there with Wayne Rooney, then you’ve got two players who can reach that number,” he added.

“He was very direct, capable of scoring goals, has good speed, and an additional bonus as a left-handed player: they tend to always be able to make the defenders off guard. And always seem more special when the shots were done with the left leg lead to a goal.”

“I like his attitude, he looks a good player, a good prospect, and someone who needs to continue to be observed,” said Sheringham.

Wilson has had one goal to his name in the Premier League from 12 appearances. However, from the number of matches, the new Wilson given the minimal total minutes played 339 minutes.