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Klopp: The Only Want The success Please Support Bayern

Klopp: The Only Want The success Please Support Bayern

Klopp: The Only Want The success Please Support Bayern

Agen Bola Tangkas After the defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt last weekend, Borussia Dortmund get yourself whistling from some supporters. Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp, familiar with the disappointment, but also leave a comment reply.

In the 13 weeks already running, Dortmund swallow 8 defeat. The poor record Bundesliga champions in 2011 and 2012 was stranded in 18th position at the bottom of the table alias.

Supporters Dortmund still continue to support their favorite team, until then heard a whistle at the end of the game against Eintracht. In the game, Dortmund is not only lost, but also some times make blunders.

Eintracht two goals in the game created by the offside trap failed and erroneous decisions Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller, to drive the ball forward.

I understand the disappointment like that, it was reasonable. I also understand why they made the whistle. It was also normal,” said Klopp as reported ESPNFC.

But, people who make a whistling it also should question themselves. Membantukah say, You fool!’ in the presence of someone who has just failed the test? But, apart from that, this situation is a disaster. No one wants this situation.

Those who just want to have a chance of success: So supporters of Bayern (Munich),” said Klopp.

Klopp said, he was responsible for the decline of Dortmund. Now, Dortmund is preparing to face Hoffenheim will they herbs in Westfallen on Friday (05/12/2014) future.