Kroos, New Dinamo Los Blancos

Kroos, New Dinamo Los Blancos

Kroos, New Dinamo Los Blancos

Marrakesh If there is one of the best transfers of the season, there are so-so Toni Kroos name at the top. Talk to Real Madrid who now feel the contribution of players who only” bought with a tag of 32 million euros this.

Kroos, purchased from Bayern Munich last summer, when a 24-year-old footballer refused the proffered contract extension management the Bavarians. Madrid then move quickly handed the contract, considering there are Manchester United and several other clubs after him.

Bak tit for tat, Kroos was immediately accepted the offer of the six-year contract and he was wearing a uniform numbered 8, which previously used Kaka.

Arrival Kroos then touted to be the reason Madrid Xabi Alonso release, which in fact have been the lives of the team in midfield. People were wondering why such desperate Madrid Xabi replace with Kroos?

Week in week passed, month after month passed, Kroos also give answers that he deserved uniformed The White’. Of the 25 players who owned Carlo Ancelotti, Kroos is the holder of the most minutes on the pitch that is 2,035 minutes (25 matches) in all competitions, underneath there is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Until the match against Cruz Azul in the Club World Cup semi-final, Kroos has recorded 10 assists which makes it the most widely shared feeder Karin Benzema.

Details assists Kroos is seven assists in La Liga, two in the Champions League and one in the Club World Cup. Statistics assists plus one goal which made him Germany‘s already proved how important the role of the player, although only four months of joining.

Ancelotti did not hesitate to put four players type of attack, such as Ronaldo, Benzema, Gareth Bale, and James Rodriguez simultaneously considering there Kroos fluent maintain the balance of the team, along with Luka Modric.

As against Cruz Azul, only two out of a total of 59 passing Kroos who failed to reach her. He also managed to steal the ball from an opponent seven times and came close to scoring. Unfortunately he pulled out when the match remaining 17 minutes and is done solely to maintain the condition Kroos that fit in the final game.

For some time ago Kroos had complained of fatigue due to the density of the number of matches during this year, both with the club and the national team.

But whatever the reason Kroos, at least he has proved that Madrid now can completely forget Xabi Alonso.