Liverpool Medium Down, Rodgers Not Feeling Depressed

Liverpool Medium Down, Rodgers Not Feeling Depressed

Liverpool Medium Down, Rodgers Not Feeling Depressed

Manchester Brendan Rodgers would be the person most responsible for the poor performance of Liverpool this season. Yet the Northern Irish manager did not feel pressured by criticism of existing.

Rodgers life changed in just a few months. Once revered for being able to bring Liverpool finished as Premier League runners-up last season, Rodgers has now become like a prisoner.

The reason is certainly due to the poor performances of Liverpool since the beginning of the season. 0-3 defeat of Manchester United, which is the seventh defeat of the season, coming just a few days later after FC Basel eliminated from the Champions League. 21 points from 16 weeks is Liverpool’s worst start in 50 years.

Big spending more than 100 million pounds last summer as disappeared without trace. Moreover, from a lot of players, only Alberto Moreno that arguably could show considerable performance.

Inevitably Rodgers position began to shake and some replacement names including Juergen Klopp started to enter the market. Perhaps if the appearance of Liverpool after the end of the year was also improved, Rodgers could lose his job.

Pressure for continued pressure led to Rodgers, who is also rumored to begin to lose the confidence of the players. However, Rodgers had never felt like that and assess Liverpool‘s poor performance was reasonable, given their massive shopping yesterday.

I did not feel any pressure anymore. We make big changes last summer and it took time for us to integrate the team,” Rodgers said in the Telegraph.

The most important thing for me today is that we have a banya opportunity to make goals and I think we do not deserve a final score like that,” he continued.

But you have to quickly find a solution. There are many reasons why things have changed, but basically we did not quite perform consistently.”