Mourinho Admits Fair Balance Results for the Second Team

Mourinho Admits Fair Balance Results for the Second Team

Mourinho Admits Fair Balance Results for the Second Team

Liverpool Chelsea was unable to escape from the pressures throughout the match despite Liverpool finally able to go home with the score 1-1. The Blues manager, Jose Mourinho, calling it a fair result refers to the performance of both teams.

A visit to Anfield on Wednesday (21/08/2015) pm dawn, the first leg of the League Cup semi-final, Chelsea Liverpool’s actually been under pressure since the early minutes. Yet they are capable of winning first in the 17th minute through a penalty Eden Hazard.

But only that the only opportunities that come Chelsea in the first half and the rest of them were forced to endure the total by Liverpool. Gary Cahill, John Terry, and Thibaut Courtois must work hard to dispel the wave of Liverpool attacks.

It continued in the second half and eventually the goal they collapse in the 59th minute goal by Raheem Sterling solo run that concluded with a slick, measured by kicking off the far post.

The BBC noted that the total Chelsea only making two shots throughout the 90 minutes of action. Compare with Liverpool who had six shots on target from a total of 19 experimental effort.

Lucky 1-1 score remained until the fight was over and it arguably be an advantage for Chelsea who play the second leg at Stamford Bridge next week. But still, the performance of Chelsea in this match made Mourinho could not hide his frustration.

Nice semi-final match and the results are there. Liverpool played well but we were able to control the game. Maybe if we feed quality a little better, we could have scored more. We are not efficient enough in the transition process when we get the ball,” said Mourinho The Sky Sports.

Thibaut (Courtois) several times to rescue and opportunities Steven Gerrard hit the pole, and I think (Simon) did not make the rescue,” he continued.

We had plenty of opportunities, space to counterattack but the quality of our passing was not good.”