Mourinho Problem Controversy Diving Players Chelsea

Mourinho Problem Controversy Diving Players Chelsea

Mourinho Problem Controversy Diving Players Chelsea

Jakarta Cesc Fabregas became the fourth player to Chelsea yellow cards this season with accusations of diving. Jose Mourinho says that there are major campaigns undertaken to make the Blues seen as a team that likes to dive’.

I think this is a scandal because it is not (claim) minor penalty the penalty (which is very clear) such as Big Ben,” Mourinho said on the BBC.

Mourinho issued a curt comment that following the decision of the referee who did not give his side a penalty after Fabregas was fouled in the penalty box Southampton. Instead of fitting 12 can kick, the Spanish international midfielder instead thumbs yellow card because they do diving.

Fabregas became the fourth Chelsea player a yellow card on charges of diving. Two days ago Branislav Ivanovic suffered a similar incident when he clashed with Andy Carroll in the game with West Ham United.

Previously, Diego Costa also yellow-carded for allegedly diving in a match with Hull City (12/13/2014). Other players are also considered diving and a yellow card is William, also in the match with Hull City. Still in the same match Gary Cahill also considered diving but escaped punishment cards.

In this country where I was happy with it, even more excited again we‘ll just say that it was just a big mistake with a big influence on the final result. I am delighted that so way, with all hornat to the referee. He made big mistake as I once did, as it is sometimes also performed the players.

Furthermore, Mourinho accused the considerable efforts to assume the Blues as a team that likes to do diving.

It was not a coincidence, There is a clear campaign, people, the pundits, commentators, coaches of other teams they react to Chelsea in a different way compared to the reaction of the other team. They give great pressure and the referee made a mistake like this . We lost two points, Fabregas yellow card, “completion.