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MU duel with Arsenal Bak Determinants Games FA Cup Champion

MU duel with Arsenal Bak Determinants Games FA Cup Champion

MU duel with Arsenal Bak Determinants Games FA Cup Champion

London – It has often been met, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes his duel with Manchester United this time will be going to be a game with high blood pressure. The winning team has great potential to be champions.

Arsenal will travel to Manchester United at Old Trafford headquarters on Tuesday (03/10/2015) pm dawn in the FA Cup quarter-finals. In the meeting, the first volume of the two teams this season, which is rolling in the Premier League, Arsenal were forced outclassed Manchester United 1-2.

Wenger believes the game will be intense. Not a matter of revenge meeting in the Premier Legaue, but this event to be the only hope both teams to end the season with a trophy.

Given the strength of the two teams, Wenger even predict FA Cup champion is determined in the game. Hence, they are going all out to qualify for the semifinals.

“We pay a visit to Manchester United to qualify and be ready all out. That is the target that we set for that day. The hard work and team effort. The two teams will both do it and I’m sure the game will be rolling in a high intensity, “said Wenger told the club’s official website.

“So far we can look good in away games. The size is the same stadium anywhere. Factors that will affect is our readiness and how big our our efforts to win.

“The match will take place with an unusual intensity because together the two teams who both want to be champions. Both teams will be equally thought, ‘if we were able to get past this hurdle, we will have a great opportunity to be a champion.’ Cup The FA need to focus deeper than the Premier League, “said the French manager.