Play in the Champions League final, Ronaldo’s career Stake

Play in the Champions League final, Ronaldo‘s career Stake

Play in the Champions League final, Ronaldo's career Stake

Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo in conditions not fit when appearing in the Champions League final last season. Its presence in the game is a gambling because of an injury could threaten his career.

Final season 2013/2014 be one bad period that must pass his physical condition related Ronaldo. Although in the end to win La Decima with Real Madrid, the world‘s best players intercepted injury that kept him out in some games.

However, because Madrid is still involved competition with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid until the last week, plus the fact that El Real also played in the final of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League final, Ronaldo rested for a time not much. In some games Ronaldo admitted he over-exert yourself, including during a duel with Atletico in the Champions League final.

Yes, I jeopardize my career by playing in the Champions League final in Lisbon. You will not win anything in life if you do not take risks,” said Ronaldo in an interview with World Soccer and quoted from dailymail.

We are involved in several major competitions and the condition becomes complicated. Ultimately, all went well. I broke the record for number of goals in the Champions League,” he continued.

The price to pay Ronaldo due to excellent physical condition and not in the schedule at the end of last season was a declining performance in the World Cup. Expected so dark horse, Portugal ousted in the group phase.

That spending power in my body to play in the Champions League final and the World Cup continued. Would be nice if I had a chance to rest., But you do not want to miss the Champions League final.”

I’m not in the best condition at the time, but I impose. Condition runs good at club level. We win the final, I scored and finally got the club La Decima, which we have been very forward. Together with Portugal, the condition is not too good , he said.