Police also Not Recommended Games Arema Herbal PBR

Police also Not Recommended Games Arema Herbal PBR

Police also Not Recommended Games Arema Herbal PBR

Malang – home matches Cronus host Arema Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR) next Saturday would almost certainly could not be held because the police did not give permission recommendation crowd.

Malang Police are reluctant to give permission QNB League match after receiving instructions from the Police Headquarters, which has been mailed related Kemenpora freezing PSSI.

“The government’s decision was clear. So we do not remove permission crowd,” said Police Chief Superintendent Aris Malang Mapolres Haryanto at Jalan Ahmad Yani, Kepanjen, Friday (04/24/2015).

The decision was to be followed by not issuing permits for the game of football crowds in Malang. “The government has suspended the PSSI. So there’s no football activities,” he said.

He claimed to continue to coordinate with a number of parties, including the executive committee Arema match. “We continue to coordinate convey this decision. While waiting if there is a new development,” he said.

Aris also do not want to speculate whether the later games will still be held or not. To date her, ensuring Kanjuruhan home games at the Stadium, Kepanjen, it could not possibly be held.

“I do not want to suppose. Keep the crowds permit can not be issued,” he said.

A few hours earlier a police station Aremania meluruk Malang. They demanded that the match could be held to entertain PBR. They also move left after the police station to get an explanation from the officer.

It is said Aris, conditions today are very different when the first game and the second Arema, which was held despite Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI) did not recommend them (and Persebaya).

“The difference with the first. This time it is definitely nature of the government’s decision to freeze on PSSI,” he explained.