Problem defeat at Old Trafford, Hart: One of my worst days Joint City

Problem defeat at Old Trafford, Hart: One of my worst days Joint City

Problem defeat at Old Trafford, Hart: One of my worst days Joint City

Manchester – Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart talked about his team’s defeat in the derby cons of Manchester United at the weekend. Hart called it one of the worst days with The Citizens.

City 2-4 defeat of Manchester United when diving Manchester derby at Old Trafford. Had a good start where Sergio Aguero scored the opening goal in the 8th minute, City even then conceded four times by Ashley Young, Marouane Fellaini, Juan Mata, and Chris Smalling.

Manuel Pellegrini foster care to minimize the position in the final minutes of the second goal by Aguero. But even more of a ‘bonus’ for Manchester United has played with 10 players, as Michael Carrick out of the field due to injury while the quota has been exhausted substitutions.

“It was one of my worst days in uniform Manchester City, it’s clear. It’s hard to be accepted. We even have won quite a lot of matches it for years how to lose with a decent and we were not good enough after 15 minutes,” said Hart told the Manchester Evening News .

“We let ourselves and the fans down. But there are still six games left and they mean very big for us,” he added.

Removing the advantage lost to rivals clearly be a very bitter result for the City. Moreover, these results make MU widen the distance with them in the standings board.

Chelsea had trailed at the top of the competition title, now City scattered in fourth position with a value of 61 of the 32 weeks. They left behind four points from Manchester United in third and potentially getting pressure from Southampton and Liverpool that follow.

The rate of City itself plunged since the turn of the year. Since stepping in 2015, they only won five of 13 games in the league with three draws and five defeats. Whereas in the first half they only lost twice and drawn four times out of 19 the party.

Hart claimed to not know the cause of his slump. But about the game yesterday, he considered MU able to maximize every opportunity while his team failed.

“It would be easier to win if I knew what was wrong with us, but we have performed well and had no luck in a game. Not many teams can cut down we like it,” he said.

“United know what they are doing, they finish their chances. I do not live a very busy day, but United finished their chances,” said he.