Problem Liverpool Bigger than Mignolet Alone

Problem Liverpool Bigger than Mignolet Alone

Problem Liverpool Bigger than Mignolet Alone

Agen Sbobet Performance Simon Mignolet in goal past Liverpool spotlight. But venture replacing Mignolet assessed not only not easy, but also not going to finish the whole problem of The Red’.

Liverpool has passed through five games in November without a single victory. Of the barrage, the best results squad Brendan Rodgers was only one draw in the Champions League against Ludogorets Razgrad.

In that period Mignolet invite the spotlight due to the action which was considered far from satisfactory. In fact, the Belgian goalkeeper does have conceded nine goals in his last five games for the Reds where Liverpool also always conceded in each of these games.

Mignolet spotlight on the edges also make a number of people began to question the feasibility maintained. This is what then makes the emergence of rumors that Liverpool will approach the Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Jan Mølby, Liverpool star the period 1984-1996, when it is considered that there is nothing wrong at Anfield. However, the situation would be better if only the goalkeeper to replace it. Moreover, it is not easy to find a replacement right at this moment.

It’s not that simple because the problem is much bigger Reds,” he wrote in the Liverpool Echo. And besides, how easy to find a replacement in January?”.

According Molby, Mignolet is currently not in the best condition especially psychologically. But the same is being experienced by all the players as a result of the performance of a team that was not okay. With a quality substitute keeper Mignolet not qualified to pull off while looking for a new goalkeeper is not a good move.