Ramos Wish Ancelotti Will Lama in Madrid

Ramos Wish Ancelotti Will Lama in Madrid

Ramos Wish Ancelotti Will Lama in Madrid

Agen Tangkas Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos middle assess Carlo Ancelotti managed to put out the best ability of all players. Ramos also hope Ancelotti will last a long time at the club.

So far Ancelotti has dealt with so well Madrid. In the first season, the Italian coach was successfully presented the Copa del Rey and La Decima, which had long coveted.

The second season at the Santiago Bernabeu Ancelotti still smooth. Cristiano Ronaldo et al. recorded a 17th consecutive victory, sat in the first La Liga and already qualified for the knockout phase of the Champions League as group winners.

Thanks to the brilliant results of this series, Madrid gave an additional contract to Ancelotti who is currently being discussed. Reportedly, Los Merengues desire to hold the upcoming Don Carlo to 2019.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Madrid is not a club that patient. Once the club appear muddy, so they did not hesitate to take off his coach.

Whatever I say kudos to him all right,” said Ramos, Football Espana. He was never a player, set dressing room with good, talk to us about anything and pull out all the best of our abilities.”

The pace of victory that we get all of this is the work of the team, but he was in charge, and he has won the hearts of fans of Real Madrid and the squad,” said the Spanish international.

I hope he will be with us for a long time because he projects for the future looks very good.”