Right Moment Fellaini for Action Again at Goodison Park

Right Moment Fellaini for Action Again at Goodison Park

Right Moment Fellaini for Action Again at Goodison Park

Manchester – Manchester United this weekend will be a visit to the headquarters of Everton. It was referred to as the right moment for Marouane Fellaini visited his former club.

Fellaini joined Everton in the summer of 2014 and then but did not come into play when the ‘Red Devils’ 0-2 defeat at Goodison Park – which is also the last game for Manchester United boss David Moyes.

His first season at Old Trafford itself is not running smoothly. However, his luck changed this season. Under the direction of Louis van Gaal, the Belgian international players become one of the mainstays.

That’s what makes Fellaini is believed to appear more comfortable at Goodison Park on Sunday (26/04/2015) night, when he will undoubtedly be relied MU back when facing a former club Everton own.

“I think it will be good for Fellaini back to Goodison this time because he was back in a better mental state. He is in a better performance and I think he is getting there full of confidence,” said Phil Neville on the official website MU webpage.

“What has happened, in connection kepergiaannya of Everton, already forgotten today that Everton fans may be able to look back and say how Marouane has performed well for them, and now he will return to the Manchester United fans are seeing the best performance from him. So he could I came there with a feeling already appear very good for the club now and also had five good years at Everton, “said the former Manchester United and Everton.

After losing to Chelsea last weekend MU will carry the determination to rise at the same second win over Everton this season. On the other hand the host can not be underestimated because it five games unbeaten with four of which ended with the victory.

“I’m really looking forward to the match. I’m actually going to watch it immediately because it involves two of my former clubs. Performance Everton has slightly improved while United may have the best performance in the Premier League at the moment, so the match should be running very open, with battle tactics between two manager, “said Neville.

“I can see it would be an interesting match. Everton play expansive football and United clear target goals as usual. It will be a duel open. Everton have players back from injury – Romelu Lukaku on the bench the other day so he would back. ”

“Ross Barkley, Steven Naismith, and Kevin Mirallas are players that could endanger MU, but that should be done MU just focus on the game their own way. The appearance against Chelsea, Villa, Spurs, and at Anfield has been fantastic. If they can achieve level of performance again, would be very difficult for Everton to get results, “he predicts.