Rights to broadcast Premier League Game 1 = Rp 154 Billion

Rights to broadcast Premier League Game 1 = Rp 154 Billion

Rights to broadcast Premier League Game 1=Rp 154 Billion

London – Premier League became a television show business very expensive. For the period 2016-2019 season one game that aired in the UK price could reach USD 154 billion, with annual contracts amounting to Rp 44 trillion.

Competition for the TV rights to the Premier League in the United Kingdom is expected to heat up. As is known, Sky and BT Sport contract will expire in the coming season and the auction for the next three seasons has been opened.

Until now, Sky and BT Sport is predicted to be the strongest candidate. However, there are chances of two new competitors emerge, namely Discovery Communications (owner Eurosport) and Qatari TV station, Bein. Bid itself will be closed on Friday (06/02/2015) UK time.

It is hot competition involving billions of pounds, or if dirupiahkan reach hundreds of trillions. There will be 168 live match contested. One match value could reach 8 million pounds, or nearly 154 billion dollars (!).

As is known, the value of broadcasting rights for the period 2013-2016 were in the range of 5.5 billion pounds, or no less than 105 trillion rupiah. Of that amount, the value of domestic direct broadcast England a cost of 3,018 billion pounds while for live broadcasts abroad in figure 2.23 billion pounds.

Now, with competition between Sky and BT Sport which heats plus the possibility of two other TV stations participate, nilanya certainly jumped. Estimated for the 2016-2019 period later, the total deal will reach 7 billion pounds, or nearly 135 trillion rupiah. This means that per season worth 2.34 billion pounds, or approximately 45 trillion dollars.

In the total estimate, the value of domestic live broadcast in the UK is still dominant in numbers ranging from 4 billion pounds and the rest in the live broadcast for overseas consumers.

When compared with the first time the Premier League began, this value has increased many-fold. The BBC reported that the first time Sky took the Premier League broadcasting rights in 1992, worth only 304 million pounds, or nearly six trillion dollars for a period of five years.

As already mentioned, the competition will automatically make its value soared. Sky, as the largest broadcast rights holders today, obviously will seek to maintain such records. While BT Sport is believed to desire increase the number of matches broadcast. Plus ‘spice’ threat of Discovery Communications and Bein, increasingly be the price.

Currently holds 116 Sky broadcast live matches per season, while BT Sport only 38 broadcast for a total of 154 games per season. As for the coming period, the number increased to 168 live broadcast of the match, which will be separated so seven packets.

Each TV station will only be allowed to take a maximum of 126 matches or four large package plus one small package. This will attempt to be taken by Sky. Well, the question is whether BT Sport will take it for granted ‘quota’ of his?

Almost certainly not. They may even provide fierce resistance by offering great value for the sake of enlarging rations. BT Sport at least already proven themselves have a fat wallet to spend 897 million pounds for the right to live broadcast of the Champions League and Europa League for the period 2015-2018.

If it is done BT Sport, then automatically the value of broadcasting rights is growing again. And this is not talking about the possibility of two other opponents that come into play.