Sing supporters ‘Ronaldo Drunk’, Barcelona Threatened Sanctions

Sing supporters ‘Ronaldo Drunk’, Barcelona Threatened Sanctions

Sing supporters 'Ronaldo Drunk', Barcelona Threatened Sanctions

Barcelona – In the middle of Barcelona’s 5-0 victory party over Levante heard singing satirical Cristiano Ronaldo. Chant ‘Ronaldo is a drunk’ can make the Catalans sanctioned by the LFP.

Quoted from Marca Authority Spanish League (LFP) is planning to conduct an investigation into committed supporters chant Barcelona at Camp Nou on Monday (16/02/2015) pm dawn yesterday. When his team partying Levante 5-0 on goal, some fans chanted satirical Ronaldo.

‘Ronaldo is a drunk’ sound at the Camp Nou at the time. The singing of the CR7 related diujukan birthday party sparked debate since held the day after Real Madrid were defeated 0-4 by Atletico Madrid.

LFP mentioned collecting video footage of the game to be used as evidence. If the later is considered sufficient, the proof will be reported to the Anti-Violence Committee.

LFP and Spanish security otoriotas increasingly sensitive to the things that are thought to trigger the football-related violence. It was related to the death of supporters Deportivo La Coruna in a clash between supporters last November.

A similar threat posed LFP at Real Madrid after their fans sang ‘Messi is retarded’ (Messi backward) last December. In the end there is no penalty imposed LFP, although the Madrid claim that they have identified 17 supporters who considered so culprits and expelled from the Santiago Bernabeu.