The mission of the Year Messi: Pay Appearance Bad Season Then

The mission of the Year Messi: Pay Appearance Bad Season Then

The mission of the Year Messi: Pay Appearance Bad Season Then

Barcelona – Competition 2013/2014 season to be one of the worst achievement for Lionel Messi. There had appeared a potential major disruption in the presence of fuss in the locker room, the Barcelona goal machine was determined to pay for the failure of this year.

Messi repeatedly have to enter the treatment room last season. Impact, Barça became less prolific in scoring. Travelling Les Cules in the event that followed also faltered.

Barça closes La Liga last season as runner-up. The Catalans also just be a finalist of the Copa del Rey. They defeated Real Madrid in the final.

Travelling in the Champions League is also not okay. Barca’s 1-2 aggregate defeat of Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals.

How to Messi? Messi is still the top scorer for Barca. He made 45 goals in various events with 28 of them diceploskan in La Liga. Crostiano Ronaldo could make more goals, to 31 goals.

Messi did not want this year passed with results less okay too. He was determined to make himself Barca and more brilliant. The news rift in the dressing room has also been completed.

“I want to start this year with a result as good as possible. I know last year was not a good year, with me having a lot of problems on the outside and in the field,” Messi said as quoted by Football Espana.

“Well, this year is a challenge for me to change the image that was formed last year. Also in order to restore what had me get in previous years. That’s my goal and how I started this season.

“The fact Barca look very okay. Fortunately, after the match against Real Sociedad, where we do not look good last year, everything changed. We can be more dynamic now. Everything is solid. The team is in the high confidence and it changed the attitude and enthusiasm of our . With the provision that we can wade through this season, “he explained.

So far, Messi has to make 37 goals with 26 of them were made in La Liga. Raihan was also still less than Ronaldo who already packed 28 goals in La Liga.