‘The Red’ Will Always Be Waiting Departure Gerrard

‘The Red’ Will Always Be Waiting Departure Gerrard

'The Red' Will Always Be Waiting Departure Gerrard

Liverpool – Steven Gerrard’s departure from Liverpool this season does not mean goodbye forever. For Gerrard believed to be back again to the “home” that made his name mentioned.

After 25 years in Liverpool, since the academy to pursue a professional soccer career, and passed more than 700 appearances, Gerrard will soon meet with the tip of his career as a member of the Reds squad.

Just two games left to captain the 34-year-old against Crystal Palace and Stoke City. Then Gerrard will leave Liverpool and play for LA Galaxy starting next July.

Home games this weekend against Palace certainly will take place emotionally because it (perhaps for the last time the public will greet Gerrard Anfield in Liverpool’s status as a player.

However, Gerrard’s departure is not to forever remember the father of three children was believed to be returning to the club, to be like a dream for a long time that the manager of The Anfield Gank.

“Steven is not for the next departure. I really wanted to work with him when he was retired,” said Liverpoool manager, Brendan Rodgers, on Soccerway.

“As long as I’m here, the door will always be open for him again,” he continued.

“I will miss him. (He) played 42 times in my first season, then 39 times last season and 38 times in the season. It shows how important and valuable he is.”

Gerrard may not be long goodbye to Liverpool because it has become a “tradition” for every European footballer who played in MLS, going back to Europe on loan during the holiday league three months, between December and February.

“We do not talk about it. Our focus is to finish as high as possible this season,” said Rodgers when asked about the possibility of borrowing Gerrard at the interval of the MLS season.