What’s with Dortmund?

What’s with Dortmund?

What's with Dortmund?

Agen Online Faithful so challenger last few years, and even had time to become champions, Borussia Dortmund are now even worse in the bottom of the Bundesliga. Spelled out are performing very poorly even as less fit for the Champions League instead Dortmund already qualified for the next phase. So what is it?

On the European stage this season tickets Dortmund have won the round of 16 after Matchday 4, thanks to a victory in four games. The defeat of Arsenal on Matchday 5 and even not to disturb the position Die Borussen are still perched at the top of Group D of the Champions League.

Then look at the Bundesliga tub board so an anomaly because there the team made by Juergen Klopp is even worse in the bottom of the table, position 18. Until the 13th week Dortmund could collect 11 points from three wins, two draws, and eight defeats .

The fact that during the last four seasons Dortmund Bundesliga title hunt ever including a champion 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 like gone somewhere. In the last four years was also Dortmund never to lose eight times throughout the season as it is today. With a collection point now, the runnerup the last two seasons it was already 22 points adrift of Bayern Munich, which is in the top standings last season also becoming rivals weighed.

Judging by statistics, as stated webpages official website Dortmund, Mats Hummels cs actually also not powerless in the Bundesliga. After all, they managed to make 85 chances to make goals this season, averaging 6.5 per game opportunities. In fact, only in three games alone Dortmund creating fewer opportunities than the opposing team; the time of Schalke lost 1-2 (4 versus 5), 0-1 defeat of HSV (4 versus 6), and when they lost 1-2 to Bayern (4 versus 10). The problem, the percentage of Dortmund convert the opportunities they get to be a goal that is very bad; 16.5% only.

In addition to poor final settlement, the case could also be made of luck seems Dortmund as one of the minor reasons. At least according to the statistics of exposure that this season had eight shots Dortmund players just on the pole and the bar instead of into the net. The number was called just lost a lot of Bayer Leverkusen.

We always start the match very well, but then failed to maximize the opportunities in gold, while the opposing team can always make a goal from their first chance. It is difficult to explain. The situation then deteriorated and our challenge now is to prevent that to happen,” said Klopp on the club’s official website web page.